Dell Storage Manager Client on debian 9.5

DellSMC comes in windows and linux version. Linux is .rpm version. To install it on debian system you need to convert it to .deb package.

Download DellSMC and extract it:

  inflating: dell-smclient-16.3.20-31.x86_64.rpm  

Install alien package to convert .rpm into .deb pacakge:

sudo apt install alien

Now do the converstion and after run install:

sudo alien --to-deb dell-smclient-16.3.20-31.x86_64.rpm
sudo dpkg -i dell-smclient_16.3.20-32_amd64.deb

Executable file is installed into /var/lib/dell/bin/ so if you like you can make put it into default path:

sudo ln -s /var/lib/dell/bin/Client /usr/local/bin/dellsmc

I also renamed it so it won't be called 'Client'. Now run dellsmc and you will get login screen: